Vodafone Institute Survey – “Talking about a Revolution”

Vodafone Institute Survey – “Talking about a Revolution”

Survey – Talking about a Revolution: Europe’s Young Generation on Their Opportunities in a Digitised World – a Study Across Six European Countries

Yougov Survey Commissioned by the Vodafone Institute for Society and Communications

Digital technologies and their manifold applications hold great potential for future growth. The growth prospects of the digital sector are particularly important for Europe. But one thing should be clear: economic prosperity through digital transformation won’t happen by itself. Politics, businesses and civil society need to create the framework that promotes digital growth and opens up new forms of learning, working and living. The year 2014 might not feel much different than the year 2010 for many of us, but the changes driven by digital technology have been significant within the last couple of years. The digital future is here. And there is no doubt that in the years ahead, the digital disruption will be felt by more people in more places. Europe must respond.

The Vodafone Institute Survey provides a comprehensive overview on how young adults in Europe think about education and work in the light of the digital revolution. For the first time, the generation which suffers most from unemployment and a struggling economy in many countries is telling their side of the story. And we all should listen as this is the generation whose professional perspectives depend significantly on the digital revolution.

All results of the Vodafone Institute Survey are available for download: