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Impact of Mobile Technologies on Enterprises

Impact of Mobile Technologies on Enterprises

Study Impact of Mobile Technologies on Enterprises

In recent years, the dramatic spread of mobile devices and applications and the expansion of cellular networks have brought about huge economic, political and cultural changes. The effects can be seen in areas as diverse as healthcare, education, the public sector and in business. New ways of communicating, and the fact that information can increasingly be accessed from anywhere, have changed how consumers and employees choose to communicate. The study “Impact of Mobile Technologies on Enterprises” carried out by Prof. Dr. Stefan Stieglitz (University of Münster) and published by the Vodafone Institute gives ideas for strategies, success factors, recommendations for enterprises facing the mobile revolution.

It can be difficult for a business to keep track of the methods and needs of its mobile knowledge workers. As a result, there is a risk of a loss of data and knowledge when employees leave the business. It is also difficult for enterprises to provide solutions for such diverse business processes. Important to remember is that for example introducing apps into a business is a complex undertaking, and one which requires an elaborate strategy. The survey was carried out among 192 decision makers in 2012. The respondents worked for companies with more than 200 employees, had personnel and/or budgetary responsibility, and were located in middle or higher management.

To ensure that companies preserve and improve their competitive position, it is crucial that companies develop a mobile strategy. This article considers the key implications for businesses of the mobile revolution, and will outline some strategies for managing the changes needed to take advantage of the opportunities offered by mobile technology.