Vodafone Institute launches the next round of F-LANE

Vodafone Institute launches the next round of F-LANE

F-LANE, the first accelerator empowering women in the tech sector, initiated by the Vodafone Institute, is entering its fourth round this year after great international feedback.

The programme mission is to foster the participation of women in technological development and to empower women of all ages around the world through technology. F-LANE collaborates with the Impact Hub Berlin and the Social Entrepreneurship Akademie to globally source innovative start-ups that focus on women, provide an enterprising solution to a social problem and have the potential to make a wide impact. The online application process for the 7-week accelerator programme starting 4 October 2019 in Berlin is now open. Applications can be submitted to www.f-lane.com/apply-now until 7 June 2019.

Dupsy Abiola, start-up founder and former CEO of Intern Avenue, one of the world’s most successful platforms for the placement of interns in companies, is a member of F-LANE‘s international Advisory Board. As a member of the F-LANE advisory board, Dupsy Abiola and her Advisory Board colleagues will be selecting the young entrepreneurs for the F-LANE accelerator and supporting them throughout the programme with their expertise. The advisory board consists of a total of eight influential members of the impact investment and (social) entrepreneurship scene, including Andy Goldstein, Co-Founder of the LMU Entrepreneurship Center, Mariéme Jamme, CEO of Spotone Global Solutions, and Lisa Witter, Co-Founder and CEO of apolitical.

The selection criteria for the F-LANE start-ups are proof of a more-than-profit model, a measurable impact of the start-up idea as well as a focus on technologies and female empowerment. Inger Paus, Managing Director of the Vodafone Institute on the motivation to launch a worldwide accelerator programme: “Women are still underrepresented in the technology sector. Only 17% of technology start-ups worldwide are founded by women. In Europe, the number is even lower at 15% .
With F-LANE we want to change that and thus contribute to more diversity in the development of new technologies. At the same time, it is important for us to promote start-ups that want to solve a social issue. Our mission is to give women the tools that they need to realize their potential and revolutionize the sector.”

F-LANE Overview
F-LANE is looking for innovative tech start-ups worldwide with a focus on women trying to solve a social issue. Business ideas should have a broad impact and improve the situation of girls and women through technology.
Five selected founders will participate in the intensive seven-week accelerator programme. We will focus on these four areas:

1. Funding
• EUR 12,000 seed capital as start-up support
• Vodafone as a potential big investor
• Networking with other investors, venture capital providers and business angels

2. Advice & Coaching
• Experienced mentors for every start-up
• Individual roadmaps for every start-up
• Advice from external experts (technology consultants, Vodafone experts etc.)

3. Training
• Individual training sessions geared to each of the start-ups’ needs

4. Networks
• Link-up with the global ‘Vodafone family’
• Attendance of diverse conferences
• Access to the global Impact Hub Network (100 impact hubs around the world) and the Social Entrepreneurship Akademie network

Workplace: Impact Hub Berlin, Friedrichstraße 246, 10969 Berlin
Duration: Seven weeks, commencing on 4 October 2019
All-day childcare service available.

The application process is now open.

Contact: Cilia Kanellopoulos, Head of Social Innovation, Vodafone Institute,
e-mail: C-C.Kanellopoulos@vodafone.com
Further information at: www.f-lane.com;

Vodafone Institute partners:
Impact Hub Berlin
Social Entrepreneurship Akademie

About the Vodafone Institute for Society and Communication
The institute is Vodafone’s European think-tank. We analyze the potential of digital technologies and their responsible use for innovation, growth and sustainable social impact. With the help of studies and events, we offer a platform for dialogue between thought leaders from science, business and politics. Our goal is to provide better access to technology for all sections of society. That is why we develop and support projects to strengthen women in the digital economy. The Vodafone Institute sees itself as an interdisciplinary platform and benefits from the expertise of its international advisory board.

About the Social Entrepreneurship Akademie
The Social Entrepreneurship Akademie was established as a joint initiative by university-based entrepreneurship centres in Munich in 2010. With the slogan ‘Education for Societal Change’, this unique network organisation educates social entrepreneurs and social change makers. The Social Entrepreneurship Akademie Advisory Board includes representatives of the following partners: Falk F. Strascheg, Bernd Wendeln, BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt, BonVenture, Vodafone Stiftung and Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft.

About Impact Hub Berlin
Impact Hub Berlin is the catalyst for social innovation. We are a community, a consultancy and a creative space. As part of the biggest network for social innovation worldwide, we inspire, connect and enable our local community of change makers to develop their ideas for a more sustainable world. We provide access to training and support, workspaces, lectures, training workshops, community networking events and incubation programs. Moreover, we create professional programmes for local and global companies, organisations and institutions from diverse sectors; working on the intersection of society, economics and politics. Uniting people from every profession, background and culture, Impact Hub Berlin has been run by Nele Kapretz, Anna Lässser, Leon Reiner and Vishal Joshane since 2014. The first impact Hub opened in London in 2005. Today, more than 100 hubs in over 54 countries with 17000+ members are part of the global network.