F-LANE supports female entrepreneurs and start-ups for women

F-LANE supports female entrepreneurs and start-ups for women

The Vodafone Institute has initiated F-LANE, one of the first accelerators in Europe to focus on technological start-ups by or for women creating social impact.

  • F-LANE is one of the first accelerators in Europe to focus on technology start-ups by and for women creating social impact
  • A six-week programme in Berlin provides advice, training, networking opportunities and start-up funding to female business founders
  • Worldwide application process has commenced at www.f-lane.com
  • Results of a scientific study on female entrepreneurs to be presented at the end of November


The Vodafone Institute has initiated F-LANE, one of the first accelerators in Europe to focus on technological start-ups by or for women creating social impact. It aims to increase women’s involvement in technological advancement and improve the situation of girls and women through technology. F-LANE is collaborating with Impact Hub Berlin and the Social Entrepreneurship Akademie to identify innovative technology start-ups around the world that focus on women, provide enterprising solutions to social problems and have the potential to make a wide impact.

The Accelerator Programme starts in February 2017. Worldwide applications are now being accepted at www.f-lane.com.

Alice Steinbrück, Head of Social Business at the Vodafone Institute, comments: “Digital change offers us a great opportunity to improve the situation of girls and women. Technology can strengthen and support women in all areas of their lives if the right digital products are developed and women are actively involved in the development of technological processes. F-LANE delivers the support that women will benefit from most as we approach the gigabit society.”


The F-LANE Advisory Board

Dupsy Abiola, Founder and CEO of Intern Avenue

Andy Goldstein, Co-founder of the LMU Entrepreneurship Center

Mariéme Jamme, CEO of Spotone Global Solutions

Hedda Pahlson-Moller, full-time Business Angel and Venture Capitalist

Lisa Witter, Co-founder and CEO of apolitical

Paresh Modi, Head of Business Development and Innovation, Group Strategy, Vodafone Group

Michael Reinartz, Head of Business Improvement, Vodafone Germany

Laura Turkington, Senior Manager Sustainability Strategy, Vodafone Group


Up to five selected start-up entrepreneurs will take part in the intensive six-week Accelerator Programme in Berlin which will take place twice a year. The Accelerator Programme will provide support to the entrepreneurs in four key areas:


  1. Funding
  • Micro investments as start-up aid up to a maximum of EUR 12,000 per start-up (including living expenses and travel)
  • Free accommodation and Co-Working Space during the programme
  • Networking with other investors, venture capital providers and business angels


  1. Advice & Coaching
  • Experienced mentors for every start-up
  • Individual roadmaps for every start-up
  • Advice from external experts (technology consultants, Vodafone experts etc.)


  1. Training
  • Individual training sessions geared to each of the start-ups’ needs


  1. Networks
  • Link-up with the global ‘Vodafone family’
  • Attendance of topic related networking events and conferences
  • Access to the global Impact Hub Network (80 impact hubs around the world) and the Social Entrepreneurship Academy network



Workplace will be provided: Impact Hub Berlin, Friedrichstraße 246, 10969 Berlin

Accommodation will be provided: Kolonnenstraße 61, 10827 Berlin

Duration: Six weeks (6.2. to 17.3.2017)


All-day childcare service available.


Interested entrepreneurs can apply now. The person in charge of applications is:

Alice Steinbrück, Head of Social Business, Vodafone Institute


Survey of 100 female business founders

The Vodafone Institute based F-LANE on a scientific study involving more than 100 female business founders in the German digital economy which was developed in collaboration with the Women in Digital (#WIDI) organisation and asked respondents about the opportunities and obstacles they face in business. The study results will be presented at a press conference at Vodafone’s Berlin Office at the end of November.


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About Impact Hub Berlin

The Impact Hub is the largest global network of social innovation centres. Founded in London in 2005, its community today has 15,000 members in 82 locations around the world. Impact Hub Berlin is the place where game-changing ideas are developed for the German capital’s business, politics and start-up scenes. Impact Hub is home to social innovators who are establishing a new form of commerce for the 21st century through networking, inspiring events and innovation advice. Its partners include GIZ, BMZ, BMW Group and Climate-KIC Germany.


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The Vodafone Institute for Society and Communication explores the potential of mobile and digital technologies to improve political, social and economic participation and to give better access to education.  As a think-and-do tank the Institute fosters dialogue between academia, business and politics. It initiates projects and research, and publishes reports to give practical recommendations for decision makers.   Through events and social media communications we provide a platform for debate.