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Taiwan’s Digital Minister Audrey Tang will be a guest at AI&I

Taiwan’s Digital Minister Audrey Tang will be a guest at AI&I

In the sixth event of the dialogue series "AI&I" Audrey Tang talks with Alexander Görlach about how digitisation can promote transparency and trust in democracies, and how governments can shape the digital transformation of society.

The impact of digitisation poses new challenges for governments, as a digital society requires a new political framework. In this context, our study “The Tech Divide” shows that the trust of Europeans in their governments to shape digitisation is low. At the same time, public institutions are seen as the most important guarantors of general interest and ethical use of digital technologies. We are very honored to discuss with Taiwan’s Digital Minister Audrey Tang the challenges and opportunities for democracy and the role of governments in the digital age.

Taiwan’s Digital Minister Audrey Tang

On 31 March 2020 the sixth edition of our discussion series “AI&I” will take place at Internationaler Club im Auswärtigen Amt e.V. in Berlin starting at 6:30 pm.

The Vodafone Institute launched the “AI&I” series of events in Berlin in 2018 to create a platform for a constructive, interdisciplinary dialogue on the effects of artificial intelligence on our society and economy. To stimulate a diverse debate and inform decision-makers, we have already discussed with renowned researchers such as Vinton G. Cerf, Pascal Finette, Luciano Floridi, Nuria Oliver, Sir Martin Rees, and Sir Nigel Shadbolt.

The event will be broadcasted live.