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Lord Martin Rees to appear in our AI&I talk

Lord Martin Rees to appear in our AI&I talk

22 November 2018 at the Vodafone Institute Berlin: In part three of our interview series Martin Rees and Alexander Görlach will discuss the symbiosis between man and machine.


Lord Martin Rees, cosmologe und astrophysicist. Astronomer Royal, Fellow of the Royal Society, Professor emeritus of Cambridge University (Photo: Soeren Stache)

Humanity has reached a cross-roads facing existential problems over the next century. Still, we are looking only for short-term solutions using alarmist rhetoric. Our future depends on the future of science but for that we will have to educate ourselves and, in the long term, develop a new thinking: one that is rational, global, optimistic. Every new technology has dystopian risks but through a mutual debate and scientific education we will learn to lower them – and thus create a future, in which humans and machines can co-exist.

How to develop a new attitude will be discussed by Lord Rees and Professor Alexander Görlach in the third past of our AI&I interview series. The first two episodes already shone a light on the symbiosis between humans and technology and hosted a discussion about the affects of artificial intelligence on society, economy, science and politics.



Professor Alexander Görlach, Senior Fellow at Carnegie Council of Ethics and International Affairs (Photo: Philip Külker/ Vodafone Institut)

Alexander Görlach’s biography

Alexander Görlach is a linguist and theologist who has focussed on narratives of identity, politics and religion, liberal democracy and secularism, pluralism cosmopolitanism. He taught and researched at Harvard Divinity School and the Harvard Center for European Studies. He is a Senior Fellow at the Carnegie Council for Ethics and International Affairs, Senior Research Associate at the Institute on Religion and International Studies at Cambridge University and a theologist at Lüneburg University, Germany.