The future of AI is now being decided

The future of AI is now being decided

Is Artificial Intelligence intelligent? Or artificial? Or both? Top decision-makers discussed this at the "Top 40 Lab Berlin".

Alice Deißner opens the event (Credit: Vodafone Institute)

Together with the business magazine “Capital”, the Vodafone Institute organised a discussion on the topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the capital city office. Alice Deißner, Director of Strategy and Programs at the Vodafone Institute, opened the evening: “Now is the time to steer the future of AI into the right direction.”

Dominik Michels (Credit: Vodafone Institute)

In the first keynote speech, Dominik Michels, Professor of Computer Science and Mathematics at Stanford University, addressed the question of whether AI was artificial or intelligent. Michels argued that AI is already able to recognize patterns and structures and thus make independent decisions.

In addition, researchers were increasingly focusing on neural networks to advance AI. Against this background, AI can be described as intelligent and the concept of artificiality can be put into perspective.

Germany must invest

Nicolaus Heinen (Credit: Vodafone Institute)

Nicolaus Heinen, chief economist at Linde AG, focused on the current AI hype. Especially at the edges, he said, there was a strong exaggeration. In the next few years, AI will neither destroy half of the jobs nor surpass people in creative tasks.

Fabian Westerheide (Credit: Vodafone Institute)

Finally, Fabian Westerheide, founder of Asgard Capital and initiator of Rise of AI, discussed Germany’s current role in the development and application of AI. Germany is falling behind and must invest more heavily.

Another point of discussion was the cultural influence. One participant said: “The location of the company influences the use of Artificial Intelligence. If Artificial Intelligence is to follow our values in the future, then Germany and Europe must be among the leading locations.” The participants agreed that the leading role in AI is currently being taken by the USA and China. Against this backdrop, it is important to spend more money and make more courageous decisions. Because the course is now set for the future of AI.

Participants of the #Top40Lab (Credit: Vodafone Institute)