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Be there: Farm-Food-Climate Bootcamp

Be there: Farm-Food-Climate Bootcamp

July 24-26, 2020 Farm-Food-Climate Bootcamp: Joining our forces to launch new initiatives or expand existing ideas for a climate-positive agriculture and food sector.

Be there at the German Farm-Food-Climate Bootcamp. Together we are joining forces to launch new initiatives or develop existing ideas for a climate-positive agricultural and food sector.

  • Big-scale digital kick-off event on Friday, July 24, 2020, from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.: together with established actors and experts all initiatives identify the challenges they want to tackle and find fellow team members as well as supporters. We can expect a keynote by Luisa Neubauer (Fridays for Future).
  • Digital boot camp on Saturday and Sunday, July 25th and 26th, 2020: all day long the teams work on the development of new ideas – or further develop their existing solutions.

Following the standstill caused by the coronavirus pandemic, our society now has a choice: do we fall back to the old “normal” – or do we ourselves set the course to master the climate crisis? The agricultural and food sector is of central importance. We are convinced that climate-positive agriculture and nutrition are possible. We don’t have to wait for change!

That is why the Farm-Food-Climate Challenge by Project Together bundles and strengthens innovative initiatives from society along the entire value chain of the agricultural and food sector, with the support of the Vodafone Institute for Society and Communications.

Farm-Food-Climate Bootcamp

Does your heart beat for climate-positive agriculture and nutrition? Do you already have an idea with which you want to shape the agricultural and food sector of the future? Or are you ready to help – but still don’t know how? Be there from July 24-26, 2020.

To kick off the Farm-Food-Climate Bootcamp, the participants and creators of the climate-positive agricultural and food sector will gather at a large digital event on Friday, July 24, 2020. Established actors and experts meet committed citizens from civil society.

The goal is broad networking within the community: get to know your fellow combatants! You can get together, start new initiatives or support yourself with existing initiatives. All you need is time and creative will.

Are you highly motivated and want to continue working straight away? Immediately afterwards, on Saturday and Sunday, July 25th and 26th, 2020, the digital boot camp will serve to develop new ideas – or to further develop existing solutions.

With the results, you can directly apply for the nine-month support programme of the Farm-Food-Climate Challenge. The application phase runs until July 31, 2020:

Who can partake?

Regardless of whether you are a farmer, entrepreneur or scientist that has been working on a solution for years or if you are not active yet, but would like to do something about climate change. Regardless of whether you have already set up an initiative, have a concrete solution/idea or are open to developing new ideas – anyone can be there at the kick-off event on Friday and throughout the entire weekend: together we start a new momentum for a climate-positive agriculture and food sector.

The right role for everyone

  • Participants:

Anyone who wants to commit to climate-positive agriculture and food, but is not yet working on a specific initiative.

  • Initiatives/ sustainable startups:

Anyone who has started an initiative or is active in a sustainable startup. In the boot camp, you will find reinforcements, can join together with similar initiatives and receive valuable feedback from experts. You cannot partake in the Farm-Food-Climate Bootcamp, but are you starting an initiative for climate-positive agriculture or food? Then apply until July 31, 2020 for the nine-month support programme: 

  • Mentors of challenges:

Mentors have hands-on experience in the areas of the challenges and support the corresponding teams. If you face a challenge or see it in your environment, you can introduce it directly. We are primarily looking for challenges in the following fields of activity: humus build-up, livestock farming, direct marketing and logistics, true prices, food waste, consumption habits, dialogue and political framework conditions. As a mentor, you will support the teams who want to work on this challenge on Friday and at the weekend with your feedback and your knowledge.

  • Experts:

Anyone with experience in the agriculture and food sector or experience in building initiatives can directly support the teams in the boot camp. On Friday and over the weekend, we connect your expertise with the teams – where your support impacts the most.

  • Bootcamp supporters:

All personalities and organizations who share the vision of climate-positive agriculture and nutrition can become supporters of the boot camp. What does that mean? Supporters of the boot camp help with the mobilization via their networks, distributors and channels. All supporters are invited to submit challenges as sponsors and to support the boot camp as experts. Personalities such as Luisa Neubauer, Benedikt Bösel or Louisa Dellert and many sustainable companies and universities – such as German Zero University Mannheim, Leuphana University – are already among the supporters of the Farm-Food-Climate Bootcamp.

Farm-Food-Climate Bootcamp: Timetable

The event will take place simultaneously on Zoom (video) and Slack (chat). 

Friday, 24.07.2020

16:00 Welcome and kickoff

16:30 Get to know the challenges: Introduction by mentors

17:15 Decision: Which are the challenges that you want to tackle or are already tackling? 

17:20 Speed-Dating: Get to know your fellow combatants and ideation of possible solutions

18:20 Decision: With whom do you want to continue developing and working?

18:30 Splitting into teams: Conjoint brainstorming session with experts 

20:00 Update in big group: Results of 3-5 groups in short presentations

Saturday, 25.07.2020 

10:00 Check-in via Zoom, Keynote(s)

ab 10:30 Working sessions in teams, expert feedback and Q&A in Zoom

18:00 Check-out via Zoom: Highlights of the day

Sunday, 26.07.2020

10:00 Check-in via Zoom, Keynote(s)

ab 10:30 Working sessions in teams, expert feedback and Q&A in Zoom

18:00 Check-out via Zoom: Highlights of the day & Closing

23:55 Deadline to hand in the results

About the Farm-Food-Climate Challenge

The Farm-Food-Climate Challenge is an innovation platform for climate-positive agriculture and food. The challenge bundles and strengthens innovative initiatives from society for sustainable development along the entire value chain of the agricultural and food sector in a broad participation process. The organizers are ProjectTogether and the elobau Foundation. The funding partner is the Vodafone Institute for Society and Communication.

You can find more information in German here.