“AI&I” vTalk with Stephanie Hare

“AI&I” vTalk with Stephanie Hare

In the third "AI&I" vTalk edition, researcher Stephanie Hare discussed how big data and AI-based technologies may support or hinder us during and after the coronavirus pandemic.

Once the pandemic has subsided, we will face many questions. Which strategies helped us and which did not? Why were some countries and companies better prepared to deal with the virus than others? From this crisis, we have the possibility to learn how big data and AI-based technologies helped to deal with the pandemic – knowledge that we could perhaps apply to other global crises, such as climate change.

A look into the future

In the third edition of our “AI&I” vTalk, researcher Stephanie Hare will took a look into the future with us and talked about how big data and AI-based technologies help or hinder us as we move through the pandemic and consider a world after the coronavirus.

Moderated by Alexander Görlach, who joined the discussion from New York, Stephanie Hare talked about the role of big data and artificial intelligence in coping with social crises. Topics of the virtual talk were fields of application, such as AI-based drug research, but also the protection of democratic values ​​such as privacy and civil liberties, which are consistently gaining importance in the face of the pandemic and surveillance technologies.

Stephanie Hare, researcher working on technology, politics and history

Stephanie Hare is an independent researcher and broadcaster focused on technology, politics and history. She has previously worked as a Principal Director at Accenture Research, a strategist at Palantir, a Senior Analyst at Oxford Analytica, the Alistair Horne Visiting Fellow at St Antony’s College, Oxford, and a consultant at Accenture. Stephanie has a PhD and MSc from the London School of Economics and a BA in Liberal Arts and Sciences from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Her book on technology ethics will be published later this year. You can find her public research and media work at www.harebrain.co.

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