“AI&I“ vTalk with Alena Buyx

“AI&I“ vTalk with Alena Buyx

In the eighth edition of our “AI&I” vTalk, expert Alena Buyx discusses medical ethics in connection with COVID-19.

The corona pandemic has been with society for several months now and is the carrier of social problems, questions, and a wide-ranging crisis. The strategies for overcoming this crisis are often discussed. The health and medical fields are particularly affected. Will COVID-19 have an impact on modern medicine and its technological advancement? Against what ethical background are they to be viewed? Just to name some questions that are already relevant during the crisis for future issues after the pandemic.

Medical ethics in the future

In our eighth edition of the “AI&I” series of events, Alena Buyx will discuss changes and technological advances in medicine against the background of the corona pandemic and ethical aspects. The vTalk will be moderated by Professor Alexander Görlach – connected live from New York – on Wednesday, September 30th, 2020, from 5 pm to 6 pm CET on our YouTube channel under the title “Data-Driven Medicine: Path to Immortality or Digital Fata Morgana? “. Among other things, topics such as the extent to which AI will be ethically justifiable in medicine in the future and which technological advances can be expected will be dealt with.

Alena Buyx, Professor of Medical Ethics and Health Technology

Professor Alena Buyx holds the Chair for Ethics in Medicine and Health Technology and is also director of the Institute for History and Ethics of Medicine at the Technical University of Munich. She is also currently a member of the World Health Organization’s expert advisory board for the development of standards for genome analysis.

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