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AI and Anthropology: How technology shapes us and we shape technology

September 27th 2018: In the second event of the dialogue series, Sir Nigel Shadbolt and Alexander Görlach will talk about the interplay between human and technology.

We live in times of complicated systems, disruptive developments and an exceptional growth of intelligent machines. Many people are scared by this: Will we be overrun by articial intelligence soon? Will we humans be obsolete soon? What is AI and Anthropology about?

Professor Sir Nigel Shadbolt, Principal of Jesus College, Oxford; professorial research fellow in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Oxford, and chairman and co-founder of the Open Data Institute


Professor Alexander Görlach, Senior Fellow, Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs (Photo: Philip Külker/ Vodafone Institut)

Computer Scientist Sir Nigel Shadbolt, author of „The Digital Ape“ and one of the masters of his field, dispels this panic: We were using technology before we became Homo Sapiens – the question is how we control the tools we create.

How we exercise this control to our advantage is part of the discussion between Sir Nigel Shadbolt and Professor Alexander Görlach in our second installment of our dialogue series „AI&I“. Already its first event shed a light on how technology and humans are interacting and provided a discussion about the impact of artificial intelligence in society, economy, science and politics.

Furthermore we will present exciting showcases at the event. One of it will be the adaptive music generator of melodrive, which is “the first AI music system that composes an infinite stream of original, emotionally variable music in realtime”.